Support the Springs is a centralized informational and motivational platform of resources for our residents and local businesses to unite and become a stronger community through this pandemic.

A website and social media platform that connects the community with small businesses to keep our local economy thriving.

We have been inundated with offers to help and we are so grateful for the enthusiastic response! We’re working on creating a long list of volunteer opportunities, funding and donation programs, and other outlets for your generosity. Please check out: https://supportthesprings.com/do-your-part/

We are a group of inspired, motivated, creative and diverse change makers that believe in the Colorado Springs community. We came together to put our skills to work to help because we believe we’re all stronger together.

Your business will be published within 24-48 hours from submission. Our team of volunteers will review your information prior to publishing.

Email info@supportthesprings.com with your business information, how you are adapting to the ever changing pandemic guidelines and how the community can support you. 

YES! We are all volunteering our time and talents to create this platform to support our community

We would love to get the message out! Email ask@supportthesprings.com and we are happy to provide more information or an interview.

We truly want to support all small businesses and have several resources on the website. Currently our primary focus is small and locally-owned businesses that have had restrictions placed on their normal operations by the Governor’s Office or are seeing a dramatic decrease in business from social distancing. These include restaurants, small retail storefronts as well as gym, yoga, crossfit studios and boutique salons offering gift cards or deliveries. At this time we are not including franchises (McDonald’s, Taco Bell etc) or MLM businesses.

We hear you! We have partnered with the Creative Consortium to produce official Support the Springs T-shirts. Watch social media for info on the rollout of official gear.

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